Chiara Funaro your Personal Shopper, who will let you experience the elegance and value of “Made in Italy “ and especially of “Made in Rome”.
You will discover secret places, new and traditional Roman boutiques, local artisans, jewelry and art galleries.
High quality Italian handicraft products such as clothing, leather accessories, hand-made bags and shoes, personalized perfumes, Etruscan and Roman jewelry, watches, children’s clothes sewn by hand with 100% natural materials and much more.
After carefully analyzing your needs and understanding your expectations, she will organize tailor-made itineraries paying the most attention to every detail.
She has a saying: “I want to be your personal shopper to help you bring out the best in you, to make you feel unique and give you the emotion that Rome gives me every day!”


Discover Italian designer stores and visit ateliers and luxury boutiques in the most exclusive streets of Rome (Via del Corso, Via dei Condotti, Via del Babuino, Via Margutta and Spanish Steps).
This experience is for those who want an exclusive look, a mix of elegance and haute couture, taking inspiration from designers and local stylists.
In addition, for those who love jewels: a private visit to an exclusive lounge in Piazza di Spagna! In an intimate living room in private form and by appointment the collections are shown by the designer directly.


It is an experience to discover secret places in the historic center of Rome. New and ancient Roman boutiques, fashion studios of Roman designers, local handcraft workshops, jewelery workshops, art galleries and much more. This experience allows you to add an Italian touch to your wardrobe. You’ll be one of the few people in the world to wear it!


A unique experience in discovering secret alleys and small squares that this corner of Rome hides, including kosher restaurants, art galleries, clothing stores and antique framers, glassmakers, goldsmiths and upholsterers.
A “city in the city”, which shows in its purity one of the many facets of Rome.
A timeless space where it will not be difficult to have a chat with some local elders and maybe “tear” some more curiosity from them.
Do not miss a stop to taste the typical products of Roman Jewish cuisine, including the artichoke “alla giudea” or the ricotta and sour cherry tart.


A shopping experience that reveals the Italian creativity of local designers and artisans who produce seasonal collections in Vintage style.
Discover the best vintage shops in Rome and for lovers of markets we will be looking for vintage designer clothes and unique pieces of their kind.
Whether you are looking for furniture, jewelry or clothing, Chiara will help you discover the best in this city’s secret hiding places, off the biten track!


A unique and exclusive experience to discover the “Maison Fendi”!
It is a private guided tour inside “Palazzo Fendi” where every corner, every detail, every mosaic or statue talk about Rome and the history of the most famous Roman high fashion house.
In addition to appreciating the extraordinary of Fendi collections, it will also be possible to get to know and observe closely the work of the best artisans and furriers.


An experience designed exclusively for men seeking an exclusive style in the best tailors and shoe factories in Rome.
Whether you are looking for shirts, ties, suits, jackets, handmade shoes for every day or for a special event, Chiara will take you during this unique experience guiding you from the choice of fabric, to the realization of your tailor-made model, up to the general test before making your own unique item. And in the end why not? A whiskey tasting in a very special place!



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Rome Luxury Apartment

I want to offer my guests an extension of my home; I want them to have a taste of my Roman life style.


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