About me

When I arrived in Rome, over twenty years ago, I decided that I would never allow myself to get used to Rome’s beauty, that I would always look at this incredible city with those enchanted eyes of the “first time”.
That decision stayed with me and later on gave me the idea of offering hospitality to those who come to discover its wonders so that they could enjoy it even more.
I had the good fortune to set up home in a wonderful location, right in the heart of the old city, which has now become an upper-class shopping area, the Spanish Steps, which when became my “Leone 2” and “Leone 3” apartments.
In time I had the opportunity to buy another apartment on the fourth floor of the same building and I moved and lived there for some years with my daughters. This became “Leone 1” when my daughters got married and I moved again to a charming apartment located where the neoclassic sculpor Antonio Canova (1757-1822) had his studio, near the Ara Pacis.
This is how my beautiful luxury apartments came to life. In supervising the renovation, I made sure that all apartments had the latest modern conveniences that we’ve all become so accustomed to and I decorated all three apartments with antique 1700 furniture and marble fireplaces from my parents’ home in Puglia.